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Antique fireplaces, mantelpieces and open fires

antique fireplaces mantelpieces open fires

An increasing number of people want an open fire at home. That is because an open fire creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere. It is certainly known how much open fires are appreciated not only for the warmth they generate but also for the atmosphere they create. An open fire gives a sense of cosiness where people feel welcome in your home. People appreciate the warmth and sense of contentment that creates.

Our antique mantelpieces are selected with great care. Each antique fireplace, whether it is simple or richly decorated, is chosen for its aesthetic value, style and outstanding workmanship.

We have various antique fireplaces, mantelpieces and open fires in different materials: from the simple to richly carved wood, to sandstone, natural stone and marble showpieces.

Antique fireplaces and mantelpieces were removed with great care and cleaned so that they can be properly reinstalled and start a second life in your living room.

The antique fireplaces are also excellent as a surround for a stove or for incorporating an open fire.

Below you will find a glimpse of the type of antique fireplaces and mantelpieces which we permanently have in stock. This photo gallery is from a specific moment. Do not hesitate to come and visit us. We will be happy to help you in making your choice.

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